UIPlanet.com is a website geared toward men who know they are difficult to shop for and love subscription box memberships because they can get a variety of swag in one box EVERY month.  I’m one of those dudes who can be very difficult to shop for.  That’s one of the main reasons why I created this website.

It’s also for the ladies in their lives who just don’t know what to buy for them.  These boxes range from niches such as; fashion, food, gadgets, coffee, adult beverages and grooming all the way to your lifestyle.

About The Guy Behind This Website

Hanging out with John C. Maxwell in North Carolina.

Personal Instagram: PolishedChief

I’m Melvin Pritchett, an entrepreneur based in Richmond, VA.  To my colleagues, friends and family i’m known for being their “go to guy” for their online marketing needs.  When I’m not marketing online; i’m shopping for gadgets, clothes, food and I’m checking out products or services that I value and interest me.

There are so many websites that provide reviews on different products and services but you don’t know if they’re coming from a legit source.  They claim to write unbiased reviews but they never show their faces nor do you every see them with the product.  I don’t trust these shady tactics and nor should you.

Product and service reviews can be a gift and a curse. The gift is, if it’s truly an unbiased review, then it’ll help a consumer to make a more informed decision about their future purchase.

On the flip side of that, the curse, online reviews can be overexaggerated, untrue/fake and biased.

Here at The UIPlanet, my desire is to add a Voice/Face AKA a personal touch to each of my product reviews as I share them with you.  I’ll do my best to leave out all of the fluff and boring stuff that you don’t need to know.

Other Cool Things You Might Want To Know About Me?

Checking out some art while on a college tour with my nephews

I have a 13-year-old son. I’m the world’s greatest largemouth bass fisherman (Well… At least in my mind. Isn’t every man?).   I’m a die-hard San Francisco 49er fan (Yeah I’m from Virginia but the Washington Redskins SUCK).

Want me to love you??… Then Send Food! I love to eat really. Good. Food. I’m a country boy, so I’m used to home cooked meals.

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