Vertical Jump Training Workout Review

If you want to train like a NBA basketball player, a vertical jump workout program can significantly improve your performance. There are a number of good workout routines that can increase your muscular coordination, leg strength and ultimately help you to jump higher. To achieve this goal, one has to learn how to generate the much needed power. A sure way of doing this is by increasing your force output, increasing the distance over where the force will be applied and decrease the time taken to complete the movement.

First, let us look at some of the best exercises in this niche that you can take part in at your home today, free from any distractions. Some might be considered the best plyometrics training exercises for jumping higher.

Squat Exercises:
Squat exercises are best known for their ability to increase ones quad strength. Single leg squats can significantly help to triple your vertical jump by activating all the leg muscles that are involved in propulsion. As you squat, it is recommendable to go down slowly during the lowering phase so as to stretch the leg muscles fully. On the other, you should push yourself upward fast to maximally twitch your muscles.

Calf strength building exercises:
The strength generated by the calf muscles generates the final propulsion into the air. Calf-raise step exercises can help to boost the strength of these muscles. One of the recommended ways of doing calf exercises is by using dumbbells or holding a barbell across your back. Ensure that the heels move parallel so as to stretch the muscles evenly. Perform 3 or 4 sets of this exercise every day to achieve the expected results fast. Each set should have at least 15-25 reps but this is dependent on your physical fitness. It is wise to increase the set gradual to allow the body adapt to the changes effectively.

Flexibility training:
Increasing your flexibility can also help in improving your vertical jumping ability. You can increase it by stretching the lower body muscles and ligaments. Some of the major muscles that you should focus on most during your leg workout include:

  1. The Hamstring: Exercise this muscle by sitting down on a mat and straightening your legs outward. With your feet flexed, bend forward and try to touch your feet with your palm. Once you managed to grab your feet, pull your body forward. Be sure to keep your back straight so as to effectively stretch your back and hamstring muscles during this vertical jump workout routine.
  2. The Hip Flexor: As the name suggests, these are exercises that are designed to work out the hip flexor muscles. To do it right, you need to first get on the floor in a kneeling position. Then, move one leg out with your other foot firmly rooted on the floor. All this time, your knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Next, lean your body slowly towards the knee until you feel a pull along the upper thigh area on the other leg. The arms can either be held out on the side or placed on the bent knee to keep you balanced. Stick to this position for 15 seconds before switch to your other leg.

In closing, your vertical jump workout doesn’t have to suck.  Plyometric training is the best remedy for improving your vertical drastically.  If you shoot ball, consider plyometric jump training workouts for basketball players and you should see a huge improvement.

See, the best program, when performed right, will not only do the obvious; increase your ability to jump higher but it will also improve your muscular coordination, leg strength and speed.  You may not be a NBA basketball, NFL football or MLB baseball player but who says you can’t train and jump like one.