The UI Planet Crowd Cow Review: Is It JUST Another Meat Delivery Service? What Is Craft Beef?

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Crowd Cow Review by the UI Planet

Crowd Cow review: Is It Worth It?

What Is Crowd Cow?

What Is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow is an online marketplace that sells high-quality craft beef and meats from independent farms and ranches worldwide. They also offer a monthly meat delivery subscription service.

CC only partners with independent farms and never with commercialized farms or meat brokers.

They bring meats from ranches and farms straight to your doorstep. You get to learn about the farm, how they raise their livestock, and select the meat that fits your needs. It is a fully transparent system, something of which you cannot obtain at your local grocery store.

The co-founder, Ethan, had friends who purchased beef from local farms and loved their experience. He quickly discovered the hassle of finding good farms and ranches, coordinating payment, getting the meat delivered, and finding a place to store it.

Ethan suggested crowdfunding, which is the concept behind Crowd Cow. The idea is that, if 50 people buy a small amount of beef directly from a farm or ranch, everyone gets enough to satisfy their needs, and still get the benefits of buying straight from a farm.

How Does Crowd Cow Work?

How Does Crowd Cow Work?

Buying high-quality meat from the source is the unique concept behind Crowd Cow. They act as the middleman between you and the farmers and ranchers who use the best ethical and sustainable methods of raising livestock.

Before Crowd Cow features an independent farm on their website, they tour their facilities to learn how the farmer raises their livestock and sample the meat to make sure it is of the highest quality. Crowd Cow only features the best farms and ranches on their website. Each page provides background information about the independent farm and its farming practicing.

Crowd Cow sells one cow at a time. Each customer claims a small share, usually about a pound. When all of the cuts of meat from an animal is sold out; they then package the meat and distribute it across the United States. Their unique, environmentally sound approach guarantees the freshness of the meat that reaches your doorstep. Crowd Cow’s method eliminates the requirement of ordering large amounts of meat and the hassle of storing it for an extended period.

Ordering from the Crowd Cow website is very simple. Once you know what is available, you can shop by a farm, butcher cuts, subscription, or by types of meats. They do a great job providing updates about your order through email. So you’ll know when your order ships, the estimated arrival time, and when your package arrives at your house.

If you’re looking to get the most out of the Crowd Cow’s membership, then their subscription box service might be for you. Crowd Cow currently offers five monthly subscriptions; Steak Lovers, Farmers Market Reserve, Farmers Market, Japanese Wagyu, and Ground Beef. The subscriptions are very flexible, and shipping is free. You can choose how often you receive your subscription, postpone your order, reschedule it or cancel your order anytime.

The Crowd Cow Difference

The Crowd Cow Difference

Crowd Cow has eliminated the extra middlemen so that you can buy premium, high-quality meat directly from independent farms from around the world. These farmers raise their livestock ethically and humanely, making the meat that they produce a healthier choice for you and your family.

Crowd Cow is beneficial for customers and farmers. As a customer, you get to experience high-quality meats, have complete control over meat selection and delivery. You have access to information about where the meat originated, and it’s farming production and distribution process. You cannot get access to this type of information from your local grocery chains, which is a huge advantage.

Crowd Cow provides small, independent family-owned farms and ranches the opportunity to gain exposure and reach that they usually would not receive. When you’re shopping at the CC website, you’ll see the farm, farmer, and contact information listed next to its products. This type of exposure allows a farm to get in front of potential customers that they would not usually reach. Farmers are not marketers, so the Crowd Cow system lets them focus on what they do best; farming and raising animals humanely for human consumption.

Meats And Subscription Boxes And Pricing Offered

What Types Of Meats Do They Offer?

The current featured independent farms, ranches, and regions play a role in the product offerings found on the website. No matter the time of year or occasion, you will always find the following staples; pasture-raised meats (grass-fed beef, chicken, and heritage pork) and wagyu beef.

Two things separate Crowd Cow from their competition; they dry-aged their beef for 14 days, and if you’re shopping for particular cuts of meat, they offer over 100 different cuts.

The pricing will vary based on the types of meat, cut, and on what is offered by the featured farms and ranches. To give you an idea of what to expect, I will list prices based on a popular cut of beef, chicken, pork, and Wagyu. *Please Note: The prices I list will be as of the time of this writing. They might change.*

Pasture-Raised Beef

Grass-Fed (Bone-In Ribeye Steak – Starting at $29)*
Crowd Cow sells 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef.

Grain-Finished (Bone-In Ribeye Steak – Starting at $29)*
Their grain-finished beef comes from cattle that are raised on rich, natural grasses and finished on craft grains, creating a tender and very well-marbled piece of meat.

American And Japanese Wagyu Beef

A5 Wagyu (Ribeye Steak – Starting at $149)*
A5 wagyu is known as some of the best beef in the world. The Crowd Cow selection is 100% authentic and is from Kagoshima, Japan.

Olive Wagyu (A4 Olive Wagyu Chuck Steak – Starting at $76)*
Olive Wagyu is extremely rare and comes from wagyu cattle that are raised on a strict special diet, which includes caramelized olives.

Domestic Wagyu (Bone-In Ribeye Steak – Starting at $60)*
The locally grown Wagyu and there are three types of craft; 100% Genetically Pure, Purebred, and Wagyu-Angus. Regardless of your choice, each craft is superbly marbled, umami-rich, and comes from cattle whose lineage traces back to Japan.

Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork

(Bone-In Pork Chops – Starting at $19)*
Crowd Cow’s pasture-raised pork comes farms that allow their pigs to live and forage outside in fields and forests. Theses farms never confine the pigs to indoor living quarters.

Pasture-Raised Chicken

(Whole Chicken – Starting at $26)*
The chicken is genuinely pastured-raised. They forage outside on the grass and have plenty of room to roam.

Subscription Boxes

Currently, Crowd Cow offers five subscription boxes: Farmers Market, Farmers Market Reserve, Japanese Wagyu, Steak Lovers, and Ground Beef.

The Farmers Market Subscription Box – $129 | Per Meal $4.30 ($4.06 – No Pork)
In the Farmers Market box, you can expect to receive about 10-14 pounds of assorted meats such as pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken every month. The cuts of meat can vary based on the availability and region. You do not have the option to customize your box, but you will know what the contents are in your upcoming box and have the flexibility to order more or modify delivery dates if needed. Also, for customers who do not eat or like pork, you can choose the beef and chicken box without the pork.

The Farmers Market Reserve Subscription Box – $159 | Per Meal $5.18
The Farmers Market Reserve box is similar to the Farmers Market in that it has an assortment of pasture-raised beef, chicken, and pork. The difference is, the assorted meat options are premium cuts of meat, the boxes ship with an extra handpicked item in each delivery, and the price.

The Steak Lovers Subscription Box – $159
Every month you can expect to receive premium hand-cut steaks. You’ll also have access to exclusive products such as 30-day dry-aged steaks and Cowboy style cut steaks. The cuts of meat can vary based on the availability and region. You do not have the option to customize your box, but you will know what the contents are in your upcoming box and have the flexibility to order more or modify delivery dates if needed.

The Japanese Wagyu Subscription Box – $249
With the Japanese Wagyu box, every month, you get to enjoy A5 Wagyu from farms located in Japan. The cuts of meat can vary based on availability. You do not have the option to customize your box, but you will know what the contents are in your upcoming box and have the flexibility to order more or modify delivery dates if needed.

The Ground Beef Subscription Box – From $89 | 12 1lb Packs
The Ground Beef box has four options; Grain-Finished ($89), Grass-Fed ($99), Wagyu Cross ($120), and Pure Wagyu ($132). Every month the Ground Beef box ships with 12 pounds of beef conveniently as 12, 1-pound packs.

Crowd Cow Shipping

Crowd Cow Shipping

There are two ways to receive free shipping with Crowd Cow; subscription orders and orders that are $99+. The shipping cost for one-time orders usually starts a little over $12 and can vary by delivery location. Once you have placed your order, Crowd Cow does a great job of keeping you up to date on the status of your shipment with updates through email.

Your order ships in an eco-friendly box, insulated with green cell foam that’s biodegradable. The packaging is also recyclable, backyard compostable, and water-soluble, making it easy for you to dispose of the packaging once you have unpacked the contents. To keep the contents cold, Crowd Cow packs the inside of the box with dry ice.

Is Crowd Cow Worth It?

Is Crowd Cow Meat Quality Worth It?

The quality of meat exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting a steak, that was delivered to my house, to taste as delicious as it did. I believe the tender and succulent steak is the result of Crowd Cow dry-aging them for 14 days.

Yes, you can buy grass-fed beef or free-range organic chicken at your local grocery store, but will it be of the same higher quality as purchasing it from a local farm? I don’t think it will; that’s why I believe the meat selection and sources that Crowd Cow offers is worth it.

Crowd Cow Olive a5 Wagyu

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Pros And Cons of Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow Pros and Cons

Know the origin of your meat purchase. You’ll know the breed, how it was raised and you’ll get to meet (virtually) the small, independent ranch or farm who produced the meat.

Several different options to purchase meat. You can order by farm, meat, butcher cuts or by subscription.

Purchase high-quality humanely raised meats. You can select from craft beef, chicken, pork, a5 wagyu, turkey, seafood, and lamb. If you’re looking for a specific cut, you can select from over 100 different cuts of meat.

Subscription memberships are flexible. Select from five different boxes. You get to schedule when you want your box to arrive. Pause, start it back up or cancel any time. Shipping is free.

Your package contents are shipped frozen. Crowd Cow sends their boxes with dry ice to ensure that the contents remain cold. Their eco-friendly packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, making it easy to get rid of the box once you have unpacked it.

It can be expensive. Look, Crowd Cow is not for everyone but you get what you pay for. You’re buying high-quality humanely raised meats from the source that you get to learn about.

Free shipping on $99+ purchase. If you’re only using Crowd Cow for small purchases then I can see how this can be a disadvantage. There are three things you can do; consider making a big order that will last for an extended period of time, combine your order with a friend or family member, and/or order during special occasions.

Potential to not have your cut of meat. Crowd Cow uses the concept of crowdfunding, only it’s for craft meat. Once all of the cuts of meat are sold out you can be placed on a waiting list for that particular farm or select another farm that does have a specific cut of meat in stock.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Member Of Crowd Cow?

I can genuinely say that Crowd Cow is for a guy like me. I’m a meat-eater who enjoys a homemade juicy grilled burger, a good ribeye steak, and a well seasoned whole chicken. I love being able to invest in meat that is healthy, comes from local independent farms that I can get to know, and ships directly to my house. The price to invest in Crowd Cow is high, but from my experience, it has proven to be well worth it.

If the unique concept of knowing where the meat you buy comes from, learning the ethical standards of how the farmers raise their livestock, being able to try premium high-quality meats, and have them conveniently shipped directly to your house excites you. I believe Crowd Cow is for you.

If you’re interested in becoming a Crowd Cow member click on the link to get $25 Off Your First Subscription Box.

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