Who doesn’t like to eat good food? Whether you are cooking for yourself or someone is preparing your food for you; there’s always a good time to eat. It doesn’t matter if its healthy or unhealthy food, cheat days are important; they bring balance to the force.

To the fellas who are reading this, you already know and understand what I’m about to say. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; then FEED him. We guys are simple, so keep it simple.

Below I will provide you with a list of foods, their many health benefits, facts, myths, and uses so that you can apply them to your daily routine. I’ll also have articles that relate to things such as cooking gadgets, utensils, techniques, and technology.

You will find some of my personal and satisfying types of food that I enjoy and feel are worth trying.

List Of Foods, Health Benefit Guides & Cooking Gadgets