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Top Vertical Jump Training Program Reviews

Need a cure for your 2 inch vertical?

The UI Planet has great news for you! Any serious athlete can improve his or her overall abilities by incorporating a vertical jump training routine. But what is it? It’s a workout program to improve or increase your jump strength and height through specific exercises. While the training is intense, the benefits make up for the effort. With this specialized system, your athletic abilities will be enhanced in several ways:

Your ability for jumping higher will improve. You’ll also see and feel remarkable boosts in body speed, initial step momentum, reaction, strength and endurance. Vertical jump training gives your body explosive power and better coordination. But really, who needs to jump higher? Quick answer: any serious athlete. The training improves abilities for pro NBA basketball, NFL football, MLB baseball, volleyball and amateur players. Even track and field and skiers can benefit in miraculous ways.

Several vertical jump training programs boast of how they incorporate several exercises for specific purposes; two in particular are Vert Shock and the Jump Manual. See, dynamic and static stretching are utilized to increase flexibility; weight and strength training increases muscle strength and resistance; squats are incorporated to build lower body strength and endurance; and plyometrics increases your overall power and vertical. Check out the Best Vert Shock vertical jump training system review.

Proper diet and supplements play a major role in your success and with your overall training. Stay away as much as possible from high fats and empty calories. Instead, load up on the good stuff. Fruits and vegetables should comprise most of your diet. Add in protein sources like chicken, lean turkey, and fish. Limit red meat to a couple times per week, and don’t worry about cutting carbs. But do cut out the table salt and sugar.

If you want to substantially raise your jump, add in the following supplements:

  • Whey Protein Powder ensures you’re getting enough protein while training.
  • L-Glutamine usually comes in powder form and helps absorb protein into the body post workout. It also boosts the immune system, which is essential during heavy training.
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil/ Essential Fatty Oils help reduce joint inflammation, boost the immune system, and help improve brain function.
  • A good multivitamin is essential in any form of training to ensure your body gets the vitamins it needs to stay in peak condition.

Here are our 8 simple steps to improving your vertical leap at home for free:

  1. Measure your current vertical leap by standing against the wall. Use a mirror to judge the distance for yourself, or get a friend to mark it for you. Also, make sure you are using the proper shoes.
  2. Jump rope. Get back into the habit by making it part of your workout, or even doing it while watching TV.
  3. Do squats. Begin with full length squats and add the proper equipment, like weights, or jump squats as your strength improves.
  4. Build up your calf muscles with toe raises and toe crunches.
  5. Start weight Training. Begin with dumbbells if you need to, but incorporate some form of weight training for jump improvement.
  6. Use your arms for momentum to build power within your body and force it to lift up to 15% higher.
  7. Practice your jump to ensure proper form and feel the physical improvements in your body.
  8. Say, “Forget it, give this to me in an easy to follow manual”. There are several online jump training programs, for two popular systems, you can find our Vert Shock review and Jump Manual review here.

Vertical jump training is a challenge. But if you incorporate the essentials; strength and weight training, a consistent workout routine with the proper nutrition and supplements; you can improve your vertical jump by several inches within a couple months.