The Complete Jump Manual Review By UI Planet

jump manual review by the UI Planet

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What Is The Jump Manual Program?

The Jump Manual is a 10-chapter digital book that is specially targeted to improving anyone’s vertical by up to 10 extra inches in 12 weeks. Previous scientific trials have yet to reach a target anywhere near that height, but Hiller insists it’s not only possible, it’s probable. The system incorporates actual scientifically proven strategies to help you learn how to elongate your jump while putting all of the responsibility on you.

The creator states it upfront and again at the end of the program:
the information in the eBook will tell you how to do it, but you have to be the one to do it. Miracles won’t happen without you physically forcing your body to change.

What Is The Science Behind The Jump Manual?

The program stresses the need for full-body involvement due to poor lifestyle decisions leading to cell deterioration and disease. This vertical jump training program places a huge emphasis on the important role nutrition plays in muscle building and overall health improvement, that the topic is a major point within this training program.

The Jump Manual thereby incorporates 9 key scientifically proven health elements to ensure full-body participation and what is believed to aid one to jump higher.

The 9 key elements: Strength, Quickness, Neurological conditioning, Fuel, Stability/Balance, Form, Flexibility, Body composition and Hereditary factors are the key variables to the program.

So, not only will you gain expert fitness knowledge to increase your vertical jump, but you’ll have personal access to your own body’s dietary guidelines and recovery training as well in order to maximize the effects of muscular training, while preventing injury.

What Are The Jump Manual Exercises / Workouts?

Does The Jump Manual Work?

What’s Included With The Program?

Jump Manual Pros and Cons 

You are learning how to increase your vertical jump from a Certified Personal Trainer
The software is compatible with Windows and Mac
You get one on one coaching with Hiller through email. Send him as many emails as you want Mon. – Fri.
60 day double your money back guarantee
Weight room alternatives gives you a chance to perform the workouts even without a gym membership
You have access to a nutrition plan so there’s no second guessing on how to fuel your body

The software is not compatible with android or ipad
There’s no magic pill. Dedication, time and commitment is needed.
Information overload at times
Easy to follow strict diet plan. If eating right is a problem, then you might not get the maximum results
The video quality is not that great

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